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Witt Mechanical Inc. is a commercial HVAC contractor dedicated to serving our commercial and industrial customers 24/7 for over 25 years!

Commercial & Industrial
HVAC Installation & Repair

We pride ourselves on being able to repair some of the oldest equipment in the industry.  We'll work with you as though your building is our own and recommend a plan for equipment replacement only when it makes sense.
24/7 Service
Our company offers 24/7 emergency services so that you can rest easy knowing you are a priority.
25 Years In Business
We provide professional, reliable service, maintenance, and repair or replacement of ALL commercial HVAC equipment.
1500+ Commercial projects
Our current worksites include Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County, Livingston County, and Ingham County, Michigan.

What we do

We strive to provide our customers with efficient diagnoses to get your equipment back up and running.  To prevent excess and inconvenient emergency calls, we offer maintenance contracts.  We customize contracts to fit our customers' various needs and budgets.

Preventative Maintenance

Why do preventative maintenance at all?  There are two reasons; first it helps to minimize nuisance service calls.  If we can determine that a fan motor is failing or a burner is not operating properly during the scheduled maintenance, then we can quote a repair and have the equipment running properly before there is even an issue.  Secondly, to preserve the operating life of the equipment.  We have seen units that are 5 years old and ready to be replaced, and have seen other units 20 years old with life still left in them.  The difference?  One has been maintained and the other has not.   It is important to do regular and proper maintenance to prevent accelerated depreciation.

We provide regular preventative maintenance contracts tailored to fit your needs.  Let's admit it, some equipment needs to be maintained quarterly, while others may only need twice a year.  Filter and belt replacements are dependent on use and customer preference.  We will work with you to give you the best plan possible that fits your needs.


No matter how well you keep up with maintaining your equipment, there can always be failures.  This often happens when it is extremely hot or cold, quickly becoming an emergency.  We provide a fast professional response to your service calls.  When it is very busy, we prioritize based on urgency of calls, giving our contract customers preference.  Our office phone is answered 24/7.


Following maintenance, if there are any outstanding repairs not approved during our time on site, we will quote these repairs to you.  We believe that communicating with our customers is key.  After relaying any needed repairs we will work with our customer and their budget to keep things running smoothly.

Equipment Replacement

Many companies want to replace equipment that still has useful life.  We have the expertise to repair some of the oldest equipment out there and will recommend replacement only when it makes sense.   When that time comes to replace existing equipment, we will work with you to form a plan that fits your needs.
"Doing something right, may not be cheaper, but it is almost always less expensive"

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